Can I remove a negative website article?

A website article can destroy your credibility and damage your reputation. When a negative article shows up in search results for your name, it means that every time someone searches for you in Google they will see it. So how do you protect your reputation and make sure that you hide negative search results?

Hiding Negative Articles in Search

In order to hide an article in search results and protect your image, you need to outrank it. You have to do this on a grand-scale so that you can demote it at least 10 positions and off page 1, from there you can push it down as far as you like. This is search results suppression and is fundamental to online reputation management.

How this works is based on thousands of different ranking factors. Ranking factors are the signals that search engines look for when they decide which search results should show up when people search for a name or business. Search engines have complex algorithms to determine what the is the best search result. So we develop a protective barrier of content that is optimised to dominate the first page and hide all negative search results that you don’t want people to see.


Why does this article rank so high on page 1?

You may notice that even if the negative articles were written a few years ago they still rank on page 1 and occupy a top position when you search for your name or business on Google and other popular search engines.

This is because they are usually on high ranking and authoritative websites, these sites have age, relevance, a high readership, are linked to and shared on social media channels and other blogs, and are visited daily.

Search engines take all of these in to account when they decide what should be at the top.

In order to suppress and replace content that damages your reputation we develop a highly optimised network of content that is better at ranking for the search terms than other websites. This is online reputation management.


Can I remove search results I don’t like?

reputation+station+internet+reputation+management+companyYou may have heard of the EU RIGHT TO BE FORGOTTEN. If you want to delete information from search results you can in some cases appeal to Google and go through a process of trying to get them to remove it from their Index. These negative search results will still exist, and be found on the website they were written on, but Google would stop showing it…

In order to do this you must go through a very specific process with Google, and you have to have a good case in the first place. Google will never remove search results just because you don’t like them though. If this was the case every business would remove bad reviews easily, every politician and criminal would have their history deleted. This is not a normal every day occurence so it has to be hidden and suppressed professionally.


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