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Need Help Repairing Your Business Image?

If people don’t trust your business they won’t do business with you. A bad image is terrible for a company of any size, but large companies have historically been able to launch a lot of positive press to replace any negative comments. Smaller companies have less help and are in a much more dangerous position. […]

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Is your business getting slammed in the media?

If your business reputation is getting dragged through the mud it’s time to fight back and take control of your image. You may think that having a website and social media presence is enough to protect your online reputation, but you would be very much mistaken! News websites, review websites, blogs and popular forums are […]

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Building Your Brand

Your online brand is based on what people see online. What are people saying about your brand? And what does your brand stand for? If your brand values are not shown online you need to concentrate on building it. Google is all about building your brand. Whether you are a business or an individual you […]

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Don’t Let Bad Search Results Ruin Your Life!

It’s time to fight back! Has somebody damaged your online image? Whether an unhappy customer has left an undeserved review, or a scam report, or maybe someone that has it in for you has written something nasty about you, it can all be fixed with reputation management. Pick yourself up and come back stronger The […]

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Celebrities: Reputation Management

We all know that celebrities are under the spotlight. Reputation is everything, and projecting the right image is the difference between being loved and being hated. If you are looking to boost your online image and have a fantastic online reputation then celebrity reputation management may be what you’re looking for. Are you a Celebrity? […]

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Promotion for models

Are you a female model or actress? We all know that if you want to succeed you have to project the right image! If you look bad in search results or don’t even have an online presence you won’t get far. We provide complete online reputation management which means that we ensure you look great […]

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Need a new image?

If you need a new image then reputation management is the key. Whether you have a bad image or no image at all we can help. If you have a negative online image you are losing out on customers who would give you there business. When people read bad reviews, new articles or anything negative […]

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How To Have a Great Online Reputation

What makes a great brand? Well it has to capture the imagination, show the right ethics, represent something positive and change with the times… Your business has to have a good reputation if you are to receive recommendations from happy clients. The more positive comments and reviews that your business has, the stronger your image […]

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Build Your Online Brand!

Are you looking to build your online brand in 2013? If you are currently doing SEO or PPC you will know that you can optimise your website to rank for certain keywords… But if you are looking to strengthen your brand image and really dominate search results you need reputation management. Google favors brands so […]

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Brand Promotion Versus SEO

Are you looking to protect and promote your business online? SEO is not as valuable as it used to be. In order to rank for competitive keywords Google no longer just looks at links and onside optimization. A huge ranking factor nowadays is your social presence. That is people sharing your content on Facebook, Twitter […]

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Online Reputation Management Services

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We protect your online image, remove bad reviews, negative news stories, comments and websites that can harm you and your business. We ensure that your online identity is strong, positive and under full control.

We turn a negative in to a positive!

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