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Customer Reviews:

“Just purchased my first stereo in YEARS! I went with Harmon Kardon due to it’s reputation and have not been disappointed. The sound is incredible. The look is sleek and modern. It’s simple to use. It’s integration with my iPhone is simple. Thrilled to have purchased it. The only thing I would change is better connectivity to a turntable.”

Product Description
Harmon Kardon
As a compact music system, the MAS 102 is a proud overachiever, giving you everything you’d expect from a high-performance stereo system — and a whole lot more. Enjoy music in practically any format with this highly capable system that’s designed to fit comfortably on a bookshelf, tabletop or, quite frankly, anywhere else you put it. As a fully integrated entertainment center, the MAS 102 comes with a slot-loaded CD player, drift-free FM tuner, USB ports and no fewer than eight auxiliary audio inputs — digital, analog and even phono MM (moving magnet). It even has the ability to pair up seamlessly with a Harman KardonĀ® The Bridge III docking station (available for purchase separately) — so you can access your iPod or iPhone music library via remote control and play your favorite tracks with accurate, clear, distortion-free sound.

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