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Reputation is everything. What customers read when they search for your business dictates how they act. You have to be living under a rock to not understand how important your online reputation is as a business. It literally is EVERYTHING.

If you have customers complaining about your product or service… or someone at your company, or you, or something you did that they don’t like… potential customers are going to see it!! What do you think people think when they read a bad review about your business?

You have to hide your bad business reviews

And you have to show your positives too. But one thing you must never do, is reply to bad reviews and start arguing with them in the comments. BAD IDEA. If you are thinking about replying to something negative written about your business, think again! DON’T DO IT.

You have to be smart, and you have to do it strategically. If you are a good business, we will prove it. We will make sure that when people search for you that they only find good things, and your bad reviews are well hidden under information that ranks high in search results and suppresses the bad. Again, there are ways to manage your business reputation, and jumping in and arguing your side is not the way.

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