How Google Knowledge Graph Affects Your Rankings

What is the Google Knowledge Graph?

When a search engine receives a query, what it returns, is based on how effectively Google thinks this answers your question.

The Knowledge Graph measures how your website links to other sites. Understanding through reading your website content and tags, what your website is and how knowledgeable it is on what its about.

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How does the Knowledge Graph Work?



What it means to your search results…

We always look at how this affects an individual, and how it affects the business owner. Since websites are simply folders of content it means

Defending, protecting and managing your online reputation is dependent on controlling search results and appealing to search engine algorithms.

So how does the Google Knowledge Graph affect this? We have known for a long time that search engines are becoming smarter, and the way that we interact with search engines has also changed dramatically…

reputation+station+is+an+online+reputation+management+companyGone are the days when you search for “buy socks”. Now we search in much different ways in order to get the perfect answer. After all search engines are concerned with giving the best results for the query.

Your website a living organism

Google wants to rank websites that are creating content… relevant content. Good information. It wants to rate websites based on them being actually good, interesting, and valuable.

Old practices of having basic content. Keywords stuffed into fool the system, low level link building… They are gone.

Your website should link to important and relevant websites. Google wants to see that you are relevant in your area.

You must have real links with similar topics, categories, ideas. For example if you sell Organic Coffee but all your websites link to car websites, how relevant is it as a search result? You don’t have any industry linking, so Google gives preference to the websites that are relevant.


So to understand the query more effectively, the Google Knowledge graph asks more about the content within the website and how the content and pages within the website related to each other.

Asking the question about whether this is s spammy article written for the benefit of old, well known and well trodden SEO practices… or actually able and qualified to give the best answer when someone searches for you.

Consequences of Google Knowledge Graph

  • Low quality links are over
  • Thin content doesn’t rank
  • Weak data and poor coding hurts
  • Solely relying on one keyword is a waste of time
  • No network links means no one wants to read it
  • Poor internal linking
  • Lack of categories is basic
  • Lack of links between categories – is it relevant?

The Knowledge Graph launched in May 2012  and it understands facts about people, places and things and how these entities are all connected. Google’s Knowledge Graph is used both behind-the-scenes to help Google improve its search relevancy and also to present Knowledge Graph boxes, at times, within its search results that provide direct answers.

Search Engines are always changing!

google+knowledge+graph+reputation+management+help+reputation+station+ranking+factorsShining a light on weak websites with flimsy content and no value.

Content is key to success. If your content is redundant, so is your website.

How relevant is your website to the wider world? How important are you in your industry? Do you answer people’s questions? Do you give search engines what they want? Do you give potential customers what they want?

As search engine algorithms change, so do the components of what makes a website valuable in a search engine. The game is always changing, and so must you.


Reputation Management is based on Search Engine Domination

If you want to protect your image on the Internet and control search results, you have to have a team behind you that knows how to actually manage your online reputation.

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