How Much is Your Reputation Worth?

reputation-worth-savingBefore undertaking reputation management it is worth asking yourself how your important having a good reputation is. If someone searches for your company online they will generally see your website in position 1. Underneath that if they see a negative review, a forum, a bad news article or anything else which harms your online image they will not feel as comfortable doing business with you.

So from this you can see your online reputation dictates how many potential customers you have. Would you stay in a hotel with bad reviews when you could stay somewhere that has great reviews for the same price?

The truth is, how you are percieved online is fundamental to your success nowadays. Online marketing generally works in the way that companies try to rank for certain keywords or products, so when people search for “Cheap Party Dress” they find your website. This is great, but people are more savvy nowadays and will read reviews about your business before clicking buy. When they see negative reviews or complaints they will go elsewhere.

business-online-image-protectionReputation management is online brand protection and has become one of the most popular services in online marketing, and it’s easy to see why.

Negative and offensive search results won’t just disappear you have to actively remove them from public view by pushing them down and replacing them with positive websites. We create a full network of information including new websites, reviews, blogs, social media profiles, articles and press releases which we optimize so you can dominate every result when people search for you.

If your business is important to you don’t let negative search results damage your online reputation. Fight back and protect your brand image.

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