How Strong is Your Brand Image?

The world is all about brands. People buy into brands because they want to be associated with the values that a particular brand is perceived to have. If a brand is strong and popular then there is no limit to how successful it can be.

Brand image dictates what people feel when they use your product or service. Fashion brands like Dior, Versace and Gucci position themselves as being high quality, chic, expensive and luxurious. Their whole brand image echoes this, but your brand image can be dramatically damaged very easily.

A brand can be taken down by bad publicity, negative reviews and news stories that go against the image they are promoting, and just like that a brand can fall from grace. Some brands stand the test of time and can even go through incarnations to maintain dominance. Take Beyonce for example, love her or hate her she continues to stay at the top of her game and is a more powerful brand than ever before.


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