How to remove a Ripoff Report in 2014

Rip off Report is absolutely notorious in the online world. It claims to be ‘by consumers, for consumers’ – a place in which customers can report dodgy business practices, scams and vent their frustration about products or services. Which is an important and necessary thing – we all welcome reviews, which is why review websites such as Trip Advisor and Which? are extremely popular.

How to remove a Ripoff Report in 2014_Reputation Station

Don’t let Ripoff Report damage your business

They do not moderate or edit their posts

The issue with Rip off Report is that there seems to be no moderation in place on the website. Meaning that just about anyone can write anything – not matter how crazy or ridiculous about you or your business – and it remains there. In our experience we have seen fantastical nonsense written about people and businesses which are hugely damaging.

Their legal process

They have a VIP Arbitration Program, with fees starting at $2000, in which you can begin the process of getting them to edit the report. They do this under very strict guidelines and there are no guarantees it will be edited at all. They state they will never delete a report, or change the page URL under any circumstances – so if the URL is particularly defamatory- that is never getting changed. Rip off Report state they will only remove (what they deem as) false facts, not opinions. So the way in which the report has been written is crucial in determining whether anything can be removed or not. You must submit proof that what the author has written is false, and despite the report being glaringly ridiculous, it may never be edited.

You can also choose to submit Subpoenas (in Arizona, USA – where the company is based) for author information, so that you could potentially sue them for defamation. But it is an arduous process with absolutely no guarantee of actually contacting the person who wrote the report, as many use fake names and emails to do so – meaning you have no real information to go off. There are many pages on their website detailing how to go about these processes. It seems that their business aim is to get as many people to submit negative reports so that the businesses affected pay them large sums to try and edit them.

How we can help

Unfortunately these processes are not easy and with no guarantees of removing or editing a false Ripoff Report, they do not seem to be the best option. Rather than paying large amounts of money to Ripoff Report in the hope of maybe editing a false report, it is far better to demote the report and build your business image online so that it does not show up when Googling your name.

We have proven strategies that can help you if you are facing a false Ripoff Report. We focus on dominating page 1 of Google with information that your customers will find useful and interesting. Owning real estate on page 1 is very important and our team implement strategies to do just that. This includes using social media to reach out to your audience, creating interesting videos and compelling content to show what you are about and improve your business image. We work closely with you to not only remove any negative content from page 1, but also enhance and build your online image to repair and protect your reputation.

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