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Reputation Management has become a massive part of online marketing and brand management as businesses and indviduals wish to protect themselves from negativity online. For business or personal reputation management contact Reputation Station today! Online Reputation Management – Hal Hoadley http://NoBSMarketing.comWhen you put information on the internet it will always be there.. Pretty much everything you put online is there for anyone to see – FOREVER…If this concerns you – NOW is the time to start managing your reputation.Whatever you’ve done online in the past is done, it’s history, but you can start to manage and take control of your image and improve it.5 Things You Should Do Now To Manage Your Image Online:Separate Personal from ProfessionalThis may seem awkward at first but important to do – create separate social networks then invite the right people to join.Clean Up Your MistakesWhen possible – ask for erroneous or inappropriate information about you be removed. If someone put up a photo of you on Facebook you have the right to ask that it be removed.Monitor Online ActivityGive everything you write, and photographs a second thought before posting online. Rememberthis – privacy on the internet is overBuild Your BrandYou can cover up much past information that you wouldn’t like public online. Write a new blog post for 30 days – Yes, one post per day for 30 days.Write new articles — put them up on article marketing sites for one month, Yes – one a day.When writing you need to focus on Keywords that you want to show up when people search for you.Use Privacy SettingsEvery social media group has privacy settings – Use Them… The bottom line here is managing your online reputation is imperative to your on-line and off-line success.

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