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Reputation Management has become a massive part of online marketing and brand management as businesses and indviduals wish to protect themselves from negativity online. For business or personal reputation management contact Reputation Station today! Taco Bell’s digital diva, Tressie Lieberman- Director of Digital & Social Marketing, shares with Paul her excitement for working with a dedicated, passionate team that is focused solely on developing and authenticating a leading brand’s massive social footprint. #4 on the RSMI, with 8.4million Facebook fans, Taco Bell climbs the social media charts with its forward-thinking strategies. Tressie and her fantastic team constantly identify successfully executed tactics and actively pursue upcoming opportunities, not only derived from analytics, but most important from the fan base. She emphasizes that how well brands listen to and engage with their audience, paying close attention to how content is captured and applied, is a direct measure of how well their unique social media space flourishes. Tressie and Paul also dive into how Taco Bell’s transparency in the online community has rocked their recruitment efforts. Using the photo-journalistic approach to telling this big brand’s story, working for this brand is really as super as it looks!

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