Reputation Management Pricing

There are a number of factors which affect the pricing of a reputation management campaign. Generally it is determined by two main factors.

1) The Strength of the offending website
2) The amount of negative websites

Strength of Negative Websites

We can determine how difficult it would be to outrank and completely remove a website from the first page by looking how well it responds to Google’s algorithms. Websites that rank well have lots of quality content, and have high quality links to them from other websites.

News & review websites have a high page rank because lots of people visit them, share them on social media and build links towards them. For this reason it takes more work to outrank an article on BBC than a blog post on a small forum.

We build a network of websites and social media profiles, which we optimise to outrank these sites. We have to build them up so that they are more authoritative than the negative websites. When our network is stronger it will replace the offending website.

Amount of Negative Websites

The amount of negative results that we need to suppress and replace plays its part in reputation management pricing. When there are multiple results and sources it can be more difficult than replacing one article. We create approximately 30 sites and profiles in total which gives us the base to outrank and remove every negative result from the first page, so the amount is not a barrier, it is simply a more intense strategy to ensure that each result is completely removed.

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